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Hello, I'm Nurul Hijrahtul Hidayah Bt Ruslan . I'm 15 years old .

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Life must go on , just ignore what people said :')

Life goes on and we want to show we have the needed desire and strength to deal with the situation. A life well lived is a life where one finds peace within self, in appreciating the little things, and accepting the things that i can't change .I love my life! Even if i don't get what i want, when i want it, doesn't mean the world is against me, it just means God has other plans .uhm one mistake doesn't mean you are a complete failure . No matter how far you have travelled on the wrong road, you can turn back. I tried , i failed. i will try again. I may fail . I'll not stop. I will try again . I may still miss it but each time i try, i get closer to my mark and someday i'll achieve it . Btw i don't want to be foolish by someone again. Start from now , i cannot trust someone easily .

Sicerely ,
Hijrah :"*